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VIDEO | Muhammad Al Qassimi Speaks on NYCA and It's Importance to the People of Yemen


'The Unity of Coffee' was established to unify coffee communities in Yemen to eliminate the existing divisions and problems, to address the and to unify all efforts in this sector. Farmers, producers, associations, traders, unions, researchers, academics. All workers and coffee lovers in Yemen are represented in the 'Unity of Coffee.'

The auction is a window of hope for all those working in the coffee sector. And this auction comes in the shadow of the eighth year of war in Yemen. siege, suffering, fatigue, poverty, hunger, in light of these combined circumstances, the National auction comes as a window of hope for all farmers, all producers, all exporters, and all Yemeni coffee lovers. This is a window through which we can tell the world that there are beautiful things in Yemen. Treasures, stories, and immense value.

Our message to the global coffee communities, import companies and international coffee companies is not to miss the opportunity to get the best Yemeni coffee ever. This auction is the first national auction of Yemeni coffee. It is the only auction that represents all Yemeni coffee communities, all Yemeni coffee producers, and all Yemeni coffee companies. The only auction that gave the opportunity for everyone to participate, from all the communities in Yemen. I advise them to take this opportunity to taste and buy these precious crops that have come from Yemen. And I thank you.

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